Tips on What to Do When Your Car is Being Towed

The following are some safety tips on what you should do when your broken or damaged car is being towed and in order to keep you protected prior to the arrival of the roadside assistance offered by Yonkers Towing Group: 

  1. Stay in Your Vehicle

Unless there’s a clear and actual danger inside your car such as fuel leak or fire, the safest area to be is always within your vehicle. As a matter of fact, it provides you with the best protection from the dangers of passing cars that may get hazardously close, kick up debris and rocks, or drive by very quickly. Stay inside your vehicle and wait for the arrival of the roadside assistance service providers. Only in times of a fuel leak or a fire, or any other emergent internal problems, should you wait outside your car at a safe distance. 

  1. Move Your Car Out of the Driveway, if You Could 

Breaking down of cars sometimes happen in the worst possible time and place such as the fast driving lane on a busy road. If possible, move your car to the shoulder of the road as far as you can. If there’s no shoulder on the road, try to look a side street nearby. 

  1. Push the hazard light buttons.

These signifies and let other motorists know that something’s wrong and to pass by you with caution. 

  1. Always Stay Focused and Vigilant

You can be tempted to use your time waiting for your roadside assistance to arrive by playing games on your gadget, checking your social feeds or talking on the phone. You should not to do these things. Take time to inform your spouse, close friends or immediate family member and then hang up your phone. It is very important to stay vigilant on the surroundings especially the area where you are is unfamiliar to you. 

  1. Have an Emergency Kit Ready with You

It is always a great idea to be prepared at all times. An emergency kit can be a good asset to a car during unexpected situations such as when you need a towing service. Include also the items which may be very useful in different circumstances like a flashlight, flares, batteries, small blankets, jumper cables and adhesive bandages. 

These are just some of the useful tips to consider when you are in that particular situation and your car needs towing. By doing these safety tips, you will definitely lessen the possibilities of putting yourself as well as motorists in danger. In addition to that, you should always hire the towing service providers that are professional, licensed and insured for they will treat your vehicle with extra careful and also, you can be sure that the services being rendered are within the standards. 

Additional Towing Advice 

The principles behind towing a trailer or caravan safely are very basic. The size of the vehicle being towed can actually affect braking and acceleration and any maneuvers which would usually be easy may need extra attention and care when towing. 

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